Kara Dake is a business and consciousness activator focused on accelerating growth using a combination of spiritual practices, community, and exponential technologies.

Kara is a dedicated student on her consciousness journey and has discovered her purpose is The F.I. and infusing this in modern technology and media.

Her career began on Wall Street and while in the MBA program at NYU, transitioned into marketing and technology. Kara is most recently VP of Growth & Partnerships at CleverTap, a Sequoia & Accel-backed AI marketing automation firm, and regularly speaks on growth marketing at conferences such as SXSW, Mobile Apps Unlocked, and CDX Digital Officers Forum.

In her experience working in these very masculine industries, Kara woke up to the real imbalance in feminine participation. She started the LA Chapter of The Vinetta Project, which connects female founders to female investors, and also sits on the Global Panels & Partnerships Committee of Women in Wireless, an organization that places female executives in speaking positions at conferences to improve the ratio.

She is a graduate of Donna Karan's year long intensive Urban Zen, which brings Eastern healing modalities to the West. Kara studied with Amanda Young in her 3-month long Urban Goddess program, a life-changing experience that presented invaluable teachings on how to incorporate feminine embodiment practices into our daily lives and leadership. She can be found in Los Angeles elevating her F.I. at a sound bath, goddess circle, data science meetup, Quilt co-working space or house music beach party.