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FeelTank Labs is an Innovation Accelerator, a fast track to growth, and increased success

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We  invite select organizations in technology, science, finance, sports, activism and the arts to accelerate their team’s well-being and professional success with cutting-edge mindfulness practices and exponential technologies. Experienced within the F.I. framework of conscious growth practices & protocols we share the goal of an abundant outcome for all life.

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Fast Track with the F.I.

You’re in good company.

FeelTank Labs is partnering with WeWork on a holistic education, technology and community program offered to WeWork members. The program incorporates teachings such as neurohacking, self-hypnosis, intuitive decision making, ayurveda and movement therapies with the goal of improving the physical and emotional well-being and professional performance of the participants. Transformational technologies including wearable devices for emotion tracking and VR for immersive mindfulness experiences enhance the exponential potential of this program.


To inquire about FeelTank Labs
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An Innovation Accelerator of the Future. 

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